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Monday, June 27, 2011

Penne with Vodka Sauce

I used to make my own tomato sauces until I discovered Rao's, they sell them at my local market, Mehuron's, and I always have several flavors on hand.  Yesterday was the perfect rainy Sunday for a late pasta lunch, penne with vodka sauce.  Before heating the sauce up I splashed some extra virgin olive oil into the sauce pot, turned on the heat, and added a half dozen dried chili flakes to give it the tiniest bit of a zip.  Threw some kosher salt into the sauce for good measure as well.  I had some Vermont mozzorella around so after plating I laid a thin slice over the hot sauce with a dollop of Cibo brand pesto, another great convenience item I alwasy have on hand in the freezer, just heated it up with some olive oil and salt.  A little bit of parmesan over the whole thing and in twenty minutes I had a pretty awesome looking and tasting meal, served it with a salad and a glass of Chianti.  I love rainy days.

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