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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garlic Scape Sauce

A traditional scallion ginger sauce is a wonderful thing and I have been serving one based on Momofuku's David Chang recipe with barbequed meats for a while now....Cuisinart magic.  I had bought a bunch of garlic scapes at the Waitsfield Farmer's Market last weekend and thought they could make for an amazing substitution, minus the ginger.   I chopped up the scapes and put them in the cuisinart with some kosher salt, a splash of rice vinegar, even more of white vinegar, a spash of soy, and some white pepper.  I started up the cuisinart and drizzled some olive oil into the mix through the hole in the top until the sauce had thickened up and most of the larger chunks were gone.  The Neill Farm skirt steak was a special treat but the garlic scape sauce put it over the edge, indescribable.  I recommend making more than you think you'll need because everyone will want seconds and thirds....followed by a breath mint or lemon sorbet (see below).

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