Baking is science and I don't like formulas, but cooking is art and anything goes...and the simpler the better. It's all about less time at the stove and more time at the table. With a forty year passion for food I'm excited to share what I do in the kitchen nearly every day.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sweet Potato Turkey Hash

Why wait for turkey sandwiches when you can pull out those leftovers while you’re still in your pajamas. Cube a couple of sweet potatoes and simmer in a pot of salted water until tender then drain and set aside. Next, remove the turkey from the bone and either finely chop with a knife or cube then pulse in the food processor.

Sauté a chopped onion in a large pan with a couple of minced garlic cloves. Once the onion is translucent stir in the sweet potato and turkey, crank up the heat to medium high, and cook until the potatoes are brown and crispy. Season with salt, pepper, and some smoked paprika if you have it then serve with a couple of eggs on top…Thanksgiving leftovers have begun.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hassleback Potato Gratin

This Thanksgiving in addition to my traditional mashed potatoes I’m going to serve these crispy creamy hasselbacks. You can never have too many potatoes, right? Or leftovers. Preheat your oven to 400 then combine in a large bowl a half a cup of grated Gruyere and a quarter cup of grated parmesan. Stir in two cups of heavy cream, three minced garlic cloves, and salt and pepper to taste.

Grease a large casserole dish with butter then peel eight or so potatoes and with a mandolin or a lot of patience slice to a thickness of 1/8th inch. With your hands toss the potatoes slices in the cheese mixture making sure to coat all the slices evenly. Still using your hands pick up the potatoes a stack at a time and arrange them vertically in rows or spiral them in from the outside of the dish to the center. It’s important that the potatoes are packed in tightly, even it means slicing, coating, and adding another potato.

Pour the excess cream mixture over the potatoes making sure not to go higher than halfway up the sides of the dish. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes, uncover, and bake for another 45 minutes or until the top is brown and crispy. I was inspired to make these from a recipe I read in the New York Times, it serves six. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming…so thinking something on the lighter side before the heaviness begins. I’ve tried several dry falafel mixes but none compare to this simple combination of chickpeas, onions, and spices for a super satisfying bit of tasty Middle Eastern crispiness.

In a large bowl combine a can of drained chickpeas, a chopped onion, a quarter to half cup of chopped parsley, a quarter cup of flour, three chopped garlic cloves, and two teaspoons each of ground coriander and cumin. Add kosher salt and pepper to taste then pulse the mixture in a food processor until smooth but slightly chunky.

Cover the bottom of a large pan with vegetable oil and leave over medium heat. Form the mixture into patties and fry until golden crispy on each side, you may need to add more oil between batches. Drain on brown bags or paper towels and serve with tahini, pickles, tomatoes, and onion…pita optional.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Beef, Bean, and Cabbage Soup

No denying it now, soup season is here. Warm up your house and yourselves with this satisfyingly hearty beef soup…with plenty of leftovers for lunch. Sauté two chopped onions in a little bit of oil until they start to brown, then add three chopped carrots, two chopped celery stalks, and cook for another ten minutes.

Cut your stew beef into one inch chunks and stir into the pot along with four chopped garlic cloves and a large wedge of chopped cabbage. Add 12 cups of beef stock, preferably from concentrate, bring to a boil then cover and simmer for two hours or until the beef is tender. Now time for the drained cooked beans and the surprise ingredient, half a cup of ketchup. Bring back to a simmer and finish it off with salt and pepper to taste.