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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Roast Squash with Chili Yogurt and Cilantro Puree

Once I turn off my furnace for the summer, I don’t care how cold it gets, there’s no way I’m turning it back on until Fall.  So, when the nights get cool, dinner is all about roasting, and this Ottolenghi squash recipe is one of my new favorites.

Start by washing a large butternut squash as you’ll be leaving the skin on. Wipe dry and cut it in half the long way, remove the seeds, then cut it into wedges 2 to 3 inches long by ¾ inches wide.  Place in a large bowl and toss with a third of a cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of salt, and some black pepper. 

Roast skin side down on a baking sheet at 425 for about 40 minutes, or until soft, then take out of the oven and let cool.

For the Chili yogurt, stir together a cup of Greek Yogurt and a teaspoon or two of Sriracha. To make the cilantro puree simply combine a half a bunch of cilantro, a clove of garlic, a large drizzle of olive oil, and a few pinches of salt in a food processor. 

To serve, liberally dollop the yogurt and cilantro puree over the squash as well as some toasted almonds or pumpkin seeds…if you happen to have some in the pantry.

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