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Monday, June 29, 2020

Parmesan Crisps

What??? Are they really that easy to make? If you’ve ever splurged on a bag of parmesan crisps, or had one garnish your Caesar salad in a restaurant, you’ll know how good they are. And yes, they are that easy to make…one ingredient, five minutes.

Heat a large Teflon pan over medium low heat while you grate about a cup of parmesan. Using your hand, spread thin layers of the cheese into two-inch circles around the pan. If they need tidying, a spatula does the trick.

After a couple of minutes flip and brown the other side. Flip again if the first side isn’t browned to your liking. Once done, set on a plate to cool, and start another batch.

Serve them whole with cocktails, serve them crumbled over eggs, salads, or grilled vegetables, or just eat them straight out of the pan. Yum!

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