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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Covered Eggs

It’s a great time of year for brunch and there’s never a hesitation about my eggs when I go out, it’s always over easy. But they don’t always work out for me at home, turning out four pairs of over easy eggs simultaneously just isn’t that easy with just two pans, and even if it’s just me I still end up breaking a yolk half the time. I asked a professional breakfast cook about it and she said it’s all about having the right pans in perfect condition.

Since that’s not a reality I’ve resorted to the next best thing, covering my eggs. Add a little bit of oil or butter to a Teflon pan and heat on medium for a couple of minutes. Break two eggs into a small bowl then gently slide them into the pan and immediately cover with a tight fitting lid. Within a few minutes your eggs will be perfect, and depending on the size of your pan you can cook two or three pairs of eggs all at once. No need to ruin your Sunday morning with a broken yolk any longer.

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