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Monday, March 17, 2014

Fried Artichoke Hearts

The Cabin Fever has set in, not knowing where else to turn I wandered the frozen food aisle at the market looking for an escape.  Artichoke hearts, how could I have not noticed these before?  After defrosting them in a plastic bag submerged in warm water I threw them into a frying pan on medium heat with enough extra virgin olive oil to coat the bottom.  I’ve never been a big a fan of the soggy canned artichoke hearts but these frozen ones crisped up beautifully tasting very much like a fresh artichoke.  Towards the end I added a minced garlic clove, a pinch of chili flakes, and a squeeze of lemon and savored them one by one.  They would have been nice in a pasta dish, salad, or served with fish or chicken but I just couldn’t wait.  The next day I bought two more boxes to keep in the freezer for when I again need a reminder of warmer days…I don’t think they’ll be in there for long.

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