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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mint and Garlic Infused Lamb Roast

Mint is everywhere and combined with abundant amounts of garlic and salt makes for a very tasty lamb roast.  For maximum flavor you really want to prep the meat the day before and refrigerate overnight.  Hand chop or Cuisinart a bunch of mint, half a head of peeled garlic, black pepper, and at least a couple tablespoons of kosher salt.  Form a paste by adding a little bit of olive oil then apply to all surfaces of your roast, wrap in Saran, and refrigerate until two hours before you plan on cooking.  I like roasting this time of year using indirect heat on the barbeque, but the oven will work too.  If you’re going to serve it with a salad or vegetable a lemon vinaigrette compliments the mint and garlic nicely. 

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