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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Corn, Cilantro, and Wheat Berry Salad

If you’ve never tried wheat berries you must, it’s a texture like no other and as easy as to prepare as pasta.  You do have to plan a little as they take an hour to cook so best to make more than you need so you can have some leftover for salads or another side dish.  For this corn and cilantro salad simmer your wheat berries in salted water for an hour, strain, and let cool.  Next, husk your corn and slice away the kernels before tossing with the cooked wheat berries, half a bunch of chopped cilantro, a minced garlic clove, the juice of two limes, and coarse salt and pepper to taste.  The longer it sits around before serving the better.  Tomorrow try adding your leftover wheat berries to a spinach salad with a horseradish lemon vinaigrette, or adding to a chicken salad….good stuff.


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