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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sausage, Kale, and White Bean Soup

There’s no better reason to keep a jar of chicken stock concentrate on the fridge door than these rainy forty five degree days.  For this Kale, sausage, and white bean soup I started by sautéing a chopped onion for about ten minutes in a large pot before adding my sliced sausage along with a chopped garlic clove.  I used a D'artagnan Andouille sausage but a chorizo or other spicy sausage would do just fine.  When the sausage was nearly cooked through I added my chopped kale, tossed until wilted,  then enough water to cover by at least an inch or two.  Once boiling I added the concentrated chicken stock a teaspoon full at a time, tasting in between so as not to overdo it.  Then it’s just a large can of drained white beans, a small can of chopped tomatoes, simmer, and salt and pepper to taste before serving.  This time around I dolloped it with a spoonful of arugula pesto and served with a toasted cheezy baguette.  Let it rain.

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