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Monday, September 28, 2020

Spiced Lamb Pitas


These grilled pitas are as good at room temperature the next day as they are hot out of the skillet. And tzatziki makes for a great dipping sauce too if you happen to have some Greek yogurt and cucumber around.

When it comes to spicing the lamb, you could keep it as simple as some minced onion and garlic, or go a more flavorful route with some cumin, coriander, oregano, harissa, paprika, or cinnamon.  Fresh mint or parsley work well with any of these options, and salt and pepper are a must whichever way you go.

After working your spices into a pound of ground lamb, check your flavors by cooking off a pinch of the mixture in a hot pan.  Once you get it where you want it, gently slice open four pita breads half way around then use your hand to spread a quarter of the mixture evenly around the bottom half of each pita. If it rips a bit, no worries, once cooked it will hold together.

Add a small splash of olive oil to a hot skillet, followed by the first filled pita. Cook for a minute or two per side, adding a little more oil as needed.  When it’s golden and crispy, set aside and start on the next one.

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