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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pasta with Ground Lamb and Mustard Greens

I recently toured Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponics here in Waitsfield, a year-round greenhouse operation owned by Dave Hartshorn and John and Ted Farr. I was totally impressed by the operation that turns out lettuce, kale, basil as well as other assorted greens year round. I was excited to find mustard greens as they’re one of my favorites to make with lamb and you don’t see them around much this time of year.
While my pasta was boiling I sautéed a chopped shallot and two garlic cloves for a few minutes in some extra virgin olive oil before adding a pound of ground lamb. Once the lamb was cooked through and my pasta was two minutes from being done I dropped the mustard greens into the pot with the pasta. After draining the noodles and greens together I tossed them with the lamb mixture then added a generous amount of grated pecorino and salt and pepper to taste.
Local greens year round in in the Valley just keeps getting better.

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