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Friday, January 10, 2014

Grilled Pork Chops in a White Bean Clam Broth

When life gets busy there aren’t many things quite as easy to prepare as grilling a piece of meat or chicken, but with just a smidge more effort you could make it a lot more than ordinary.  Before grilling my salt and smoked paprika dusted pork chops I sautéed some chorizo in a small pot, you could also use bacon or sausage…nearly any pork will do, but the tastier the pork the tastier the broth.  Once fully cooked I added a chopped shallot and kale, and after five minutes a bottle of clam juice and a can of white northern beans.  While that simmered I grilled my pork chops as usual and served them with a ladle full of the bean mixture right over the top.  I recommend instead of a bottle of clam juice you keep a jar of Better than Bouillon clam stock on the door of the fridge for times like this, it lasts for months. 

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