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Thursday, July 14, 2011

White Beans with Garlic and Basil

White cannellini beans are something I always have a couple of cans of in the pantry as there’s so much you can do with them in a pinch.  Last night I served them warm with garlic and fresh basil.  In my Cuisinart I minced two garlic cloves with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a few pinches of kosher salt.  I drained the beans of all but a small amount of their liquid and added them to the mix with a few grinds of white pepper.  If I were going to serve them cold as a spread I would have blended them until smooth while drizzling the olive oil in through the top of the Cuisinart, but for this one I just hit the pulse button quickly a couple of times and transferred them to a small pot over low heat.  I prepared the rest of my dinner and just before serving I stirred fresh chopped basil into the beans, tested to see if they needed more kosher salt, then transferred them to a serving bowl.  The clincher is to drizzle your best extra virgin olive oil over the top.

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